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Women Vs Dealerships

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There have been numerous surveys and studies done that confirmed not only women purchase cars more than men, but women make the majority of car-buying decisions.

There have been numerous surveys and studies done that confirmed not only women purchase cars more than men, but women make the majority of car-buying decisions. “In fact, **women buy 62% of all new cars sold in the U.S. and influence more than 85% of all car purchases.**” Credited to Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Newman, cars.com, a mom of two, she owns a Subaru Outback crammed with sports gear.

Makes you wonder a bit, about the reasons behind why dealerships still haven’t adapted to women buyers, especially because women usually are more informed about what they want before stepping into a dealership.

  • Why do women hate to go to the dealership?
  • Why do women feel like they are being treated poorly, taken advantage of, and generally feel patronized?
  • Why haven’t dealerships done something about it yet?
  • Why do women feel they can’t trust manufacturers and dealerships?
  • Why haven’t new marketing and new strategies been implemented to improve targeting women-buyers?

These are all valuable and creditable questions. Some of the reasons can be affiliated with the standard stereotypes and sexism placed out there, for instance;

  • Women don’t know anything about cars
  • Men know and understand cars better than women
  • There are not enough women in sales at the dealerships
  • Advertisements appeal more to men than women
  • When dealerships deal with women they sometimes patronize them
  • When women go into a dealership and know what they want, sales representatives try to sell them on an idea and not listen to their needs or wants.

Nowadays, some women know more than men regarding purchasing a car, for the simple fact women get prepared with an abundance of information by researching and educating themselves. They want to walk into a dealership confident and ready to deal with whatever gets thrown at them.

Some strategies that can be used for women when purchasing a car:

  • Research not only the cars you are interested in but the dealerships you are looking to visit by reading their reviews and googling other forms of internet exposure.
  • Make sure you don’t compromise what it is that you went in there for in the first place.
  • Have multiple quotes printed out from the sales representatives, so you can compare pricing.
  • If you feel you are being patronized or being treated poorly, walkout, or speak up. You don’t have to be rude or disrespectful but you can put them in their place.
  • Talk to family and friends, ask for their opinions and recommendations.

Here at Crossroads Auto Leasing, we cater to everyone’s’ needs and want. We want to make sure they don’t feel pressured or sold on an idea. Our main priority is to make sure they get the best and easiest experience of buying a car. Crossroads helps guide them in decision making regarding what fits their current situation financially and physically. We provide pricing comparisons so they have everything in front of them and there are no surprises. The best part of our service is you never have to step into a dealership and you get to buy your car from the comfort of your own home or work. We also prioritize safety and deliver the client’s car thoroughly sanitized and disinfected while practicing social distancing and wearing protective gear.

Credited information to Tom McParland